Nattalyee Randall

Hi! My name is @nattalyee and I’m the founder of the #SobrietyClub on Clubhouse! I took my last drink Jan. 26, 2014 and never looked back.

I am a performer, runner, activist, and filmmaker. #Sobriety saved my life and I hope it has helped save yours. There are so many pathways to sobriety and that’s why I started the sobriety clubhouse. I want these meetings to be a tool in your tool kit that helps keeps you sober from whatever addiction you are struggling with. Even if you aren’t addicted to anything and just want to live a sober lifestyle.... WE'VE GOT YOU!

You can always DM me on my personal account @nattalyee if you ever need anything.

Remember, there is only ONE of you and do whatever it takes to protect that.

Love y’all!

Corey Gawronski

Hi Everyone! My name is Corey and I am one of the administrators of The #Sobriety Club on Clubhouse.

I live in New Haven, CT and my sobriety date is 2/17/2020 (I’m a baby!) I’m usually cuddled up with my cats, reading, working out, *trying* to learn guitar and (of course) on clubhouse. I have spent my entire life intensely curious about what it truly means to be human.❣️

I have a lot of love to give and I may come off as shy but, thanks to all of you, I am really learning to use my voice. It is truly a blessing to spend my time listening to the words you have been brave enough to share and I learn from each and every one of you. I feel so lucky to be a part of this community and will continue to help you all in any way I can.

My personal Instagram is @coreygron - please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need someone to listen.

Chris Hardin

Chris Hardin is here to serve and help others by sharing his ongoing journey through sobriety. Quick to find the good in EVERY situation he is a self-proclaimed “cheerleader for gratitude” and preaches it every opportunity he is afforded. His #1 mission is to create and cultivate a safe and non judgmental space for the listener to share their voice.

Chris is actively involved within the Mental Health & Wellness space here on Clubhouse, and you will find him moderating and discussing a variety of topics that pertain to our mental well-being.

A lifelong (and die-hard) Cleveland Browns fan, you can find Chris working out, hiking in nature or enjoying the beaches of San Diego in his downtime.

You can contact him through @liquid_living on Instagram or Twitter.

Lane Kennedy

Lane is passionate about sharing the message of recovery and has been doing so since 1996.

She is a fan of taking small actions that become lifelong habits. One of those habits is meditation, she became a mindfulness and meditation teacher and now shares and facilitates online and in-person sessions. You can find her on the Insight Timer app.

Without my recovery, I am literally nothing. She shares this message with other women regularly and hopes that every woman will take a chance on herself and more importantly on her future self.

She lives in San Francisco with her family, including two Irish Wolfhounds. Say Hi on Instagram @recoverlikeamother_podcast.

Tim Clarke

Tim speaks openly about breaking discrimination associated with addiction and mental illness. In between his day job in marketing at Salesforce and running a non-profit @UNCrushed_org, he spends his time helping our Sobriety Clubhouse community.

Tim has the motto of “Live Life. Give Back. Change Lives”. He is passionate about giving back through volunteering & fundraising and partnering with some impactful non-profits. He’s also obsessed with being a dog dad to @teddylagoldendoodle!

Tim created www.uncrushed.org as a result of his first-hand experience with mental health conditions including addiction, depression and grief following the sudden loss of his Dad in 2013. He felt passionate about creating a platform and community for people to share their experiences with mental health, starting to break down the associated stigmas in the workplace. Only through talking about these challenges can we encourage people to reach out for help that will help them live their best lives.

Kiola Raines

I’m Kiola Raines, 2 years in recovery and a new mom to a 5 month old. Life is good today!

Today I have a Masters in Exercise Psychology & I am a Certified Nutrition Coach @PrecisionNutrition. Part of what I do for a living and in my recovery is share my experience. Unfortunately my openness about my recovery freaks people out sometimes. Many assume it is a call for attention when in truth I talk about it because I want to be honest. Being honest and open was foreign to me at first. Now I don’t think we talk about real stuff enough. I’m not scared anymore. If my story can encourage others to break free, you can bet that I’m going to tell it. 💛